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'A' Shirt ( Tank )

The ‘A’ Shirt Tank top for men has evolved from the simple white cotton vest it used to be earlier. The ‘A’ stands for athletic as these shirts are mainly worn by sportspersons during a basketball game or any track and field event. Designed to sport a huge neckline and equally huge armholes, these ‘A’ shirt tanks are no longer worn only as underwear, but have now earned the status of stylish summer wear. Called “wife beater” in America and “vest” in Britain, these have also entered the fashion circuit and can be worn with jeans, shorts and flip flops for a totally casual summery look.


The reason why popular brands across the world dole out tanks in various colors and fabrics almost every season is that tank tops make for versatile clothing. Not only can these be worn to work under formal shirts but they can also be worn to the gym. While they help you show off your bulging biceps, they will also keep you feeling light and cool during those strenuous workouts. Moreover, they help you spice up your otherwise boring workout sessions! Besides, while they can be used to keep cool during summer, these can also keep you warm during the chilly months when you use them for layering.


So if you are one of those who rarely takes a chance with your attire, shed your inhibitions, pick up your ‘A’ Shirt Tank and be ready to experience pure bliss!